Knit One, Purl Two


I know you have a plan for my life because your Word says so. You knit me together in my mother’s womb for that express purpose.”

I like the image of God knitting me together. As a novice knitter, I understand the patience, keen eyesight, creativity, and strategy that go into creating a piece of knitting.  Learning to “read” your rows so that you can know if you’ve made a mistake – but of course that happens when you are following someone else’s pattern.  God doesn’t have that experience; He gets to create us as He goes.

Being the yarn that is becoming whatever He is creating, I get excited sometimes, because I think I know where his stitches are going – that’s normally when I get knotted up. The Word tells me that Man makes a plan, but God directs his steps.  It is hard not to jump ahead and tell people what you think you are becoming.  We can become so sure that we know where all these stitches are heading that we declare things over ourselves that aren’t in His pattern at all. At least not the way we think they are.

Sometimes, there are outside forces that try to play with us and make such a mess – like kittens in the yarn. Those little muddy paws and sticky kitten mouths have turned our softness into crusty, dried out, matted fibers. We become stretched thin, looped in and out and around ourselves until we are just a big tangled mess. But God knows how to untangle knots, wash us, straighten out and repair fibers, and make us useful again.  He isn’t upset with the delay. He isn’t knocked off of His throne – He is the designer and knows just what to do.

Even when we create our own problems, He patiently waits for us to be still, knowing that He is God.  At times I feel like my knitted-together self has developed some kind of run and somehow the yarn from which I am being made has become gnarly and stiff and refuses to be picked up on the needles.  By the time the next row comes back to that place – my own personality, or more usually my emotions, have begun to slide into other rows – further and further down.  But that doesn’t mean that the fabric I am becoming is ruined.

I knew a woman once, Miss Alice, who was talented enough to hold the main parts of her knitting on each needle – just on either side of a run – and work her way down into that column of stitches, patiently bringing the run back to where it needed to be without causing unrecoverable damage to the rows.

I am thankful that God is much better even than Miss Alice was. He is so patient, so gentle, so kind, already moving down into that column and putting those healing stitches back into my life.

And sometimes – I have to remember that I am His masterpiece – His work to create – not my own. You see, I am not that good at knitting.  I find myself ripping out rows and rows and rows. Rereading instructions and trying to somehow get down to where the problem started without ripping out so much that I just roll the yarn back up and throw in it back into the stash.  But God is so much better – He will never just throw me back into the stash.  He patiently works with me until I have become what He intends.  He has begun a good work and will be faithful to complete it, even if I have no clue what I will look like in the end.

“Thank you, Father, for being the artist you are. Thank you for letting me be your masterpiece. For all the knots you have worked out in my life, for all the fibers of my being that you have washed, repaired, and reassembled, I am so grateful. You are all I need.  You are the Great I Am – because You Are everything I need. Remind me that I don’t just need things, but that I need a creator to shape and guide me each day. Remind me to yield to your Spirit as a willing vessel in your masterful hands.”

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