Fresh from the Garden

There are just some days that start out  . . . well, they just start. Whether we are ready for them or not. They find their own pace, their own rhythm, their own flow. And we move with them, not necessarily paying too much attention, but noticing the fact that we feel as if we are watching it all happen from some other place that isn’t our own body, but isn’t outside of it either. 

That has been my morning. I’m finally here on my steps. Feeling the beautiful breeze as it shooshes through the river birch, and the Japanese crab apple, and loripetalum bushes before making those crazy baby hairs of mine tickle my nose and my chin. 


  I am late this morning so the song birds are beginning to take a back seat to the blackbirds and their jagged cries. The mocking birds have changed their songs to something more like a squirrel’s chuff as they try to chase the blackbirds away from their eggs.  The cicadas are already at it – announcing the humidity of the day. (We called them locusts when I was little, and searched out their prickly, discarded shells on Granddaddy’s ancient live oaks. Used their own prickliness to hang them from our clothes as decorations or to sneakily attach them to someone’s shoulder, waiting for the startled scream followed by the laughter that always came.)

Days like today I feel caught in the passage of decades as they fill each moment. It’s easy to want to slow them down and stay in the good ones – avoiding their final destination at now. Even though now is filled with the breeze and the birds. 

To be honest I feel lost in my own skin today. Particularly useless to make a difference in my small world. It’s why the memories bring comfort- an acknowledgement that better times do exist.

Days like this I find myself smiling at odd things – finding humor in things that shouldn’t be funny. Not from meanness – but because I know better times have to come and that the oddity won’t last forever.  So I smile, thinking – it will pass – it will just pass. 

How can I be so sure? Because – Isaiah 41:24 says:

Yea, they shall not be planted; yea, they shall not be sown: yea, their stock shall not take root in the earth: and he shall also blow upon them, and they shall wither, and the whirlwind shall take them away as stubble.

I know , from other passages, that when we let them (because our heart is bitter) bad things can take root in our lives and cause destruction. But when our heart is focused on Him – he won’t let the bad take root- it won’t thrive, and it won’t produce fruit. 

The Word tells us to rejoice – it doesn’t say – if – it just says rejoice. So today I will rejoice in the knowledge that this too shall pass, it won’t take root, and that God has better things in store for me. 

These trees we planted in our yard – took root, and they have grown into lovely, shade giving, breeze passing blessings to my day – every day.  

The mums I planted in the fall, thinking they were dying all this time – are blooming now. The carrot seed we planted last year that we thought disappeared, is growing too.  

    All these things are reminding me that where I thought I had an incurable black thumb- God had other plans. Some things take longer to grow than others, and even when we think they never will grow – God will surprise us with unexpected bounty. 

The same is true for the unseen things we have planted in our hearts – the hopes, dreams, and wishes that all lead us to God’s purpose for us in this day and in all the days to come. 

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