Lions in the Morning

I am writing this post in response to the Literary Lion Weekly Writing Challenge. 

This morning, during my quiet time on my steps, an outline for a story about a lion (not really a lion) began to form in my mind, answering many questions that I’ve had recently.  When I checked in at Blogging101 for our daily assignment, we were asked to respond to a Community Event.  When I saw the Literary Lion flash fiction challenge – I figured I should go with what was already in my mind – so in 400 words or less I am to write about the A.M. (morning). So, while this isn’t a story only about a morning – it is a story that begins in the morning and that was given to me this morning.

Two kinds of animals creep at the edge of the tall grass – prey and predator.  My nose twitches and I feel the grass scratch my face and ears.  I am alert – eyes open, but still – trying to blend.  My heart pounds. Too much for my body – will I explode? – or will I transform?

My body begins to feel different. I become aware of bars surrounding me – each bar a to do; the cage a list.

A whip cracks somewhere close beside my ears – which seem to be moving in different directions, although I am not sure how that is possible.

Yelling and a whistle, bright lights and strange discordant music. A loudspeaker, and an audience.  I begin to run. But whether I am moving toward the sound, or away from it, I am unsure.

The running ends and I am standing on a box. Something feels tight around my neck. Is it something hanging there? – or my own skin, growing more furry.  That exploding feeling returns – what will I become?

Why am I here? What is the purpose of this noise? Tame me? Do I need to be tamed?

Still these bars.

A man comes near – chair in hand. I hope he will sit awhile, share a moment, share his thoughts or his heart.

Again the whip cracks and that urge to run is strong. But I sit, twitching my nose at this man. Eyes alert for his intent.

I turn from him. My shoulders straining against bars. And then, I am small enough to fit between them.

The man’s steps are fast behind me. He shouts something I cannot understand.

I see the grass, and I run for it this time – not away.

Has he followed me? Back to this place of peace?

He is mine to tame.

5 thoughts on “Lions in the Morning

    • The whole story in my head didn’t jump so often, but I liked the challenge of getting the meat of it in so few words. It helped me to focus on the parts that should be more developed if or when I write a longer version. I love how you include your visitors in your creative process. Thanks for sharing it .

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      • That’s definitely the beauty of flash fiction, I find it does help streamline what you’re trying to convey. Thank you that’s very kind of you to say so, WordPress is such a good place for sharing work and getting great feedback 🙂

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