Saturday Slideshow: June

This may become a regular feature on my blog since I have always thought it could be interesting to catalogue the way the light and foliage change over time.  So at least once a month you can expect to find a variety of images of whatever is blooming (or not) around here.

   Crepe Myrtle Blossoms and Blue Sky

 Critter in the Crepe Myrtles

    Crazy Unidentified Ivy – seriously, does anyone know what kind this is?

    Dew on the Roses (I refer you to the old hymn, In the Garden.)

 Blueberries Ripening

    Busy Bee in the Canna Lilies

For those of you who care – all pictures were taken on my iPhone.

Okay, that’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed this walk around my garden with me. It’s nice to get off the bench every now and then, but come Monday – I’ll be there waiting.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Slideshow: June

  1. Thank you!! You have a lovely garden, but that “critter”? Would be moved to a more distant local were it to take up residence in my own garden…spiders bother me though. And I’m sure it’s very useful in keeping the other pest populations down. Again, thank you for the beautiful slide show. I’ll look forward to seeing the future ones you share! 🙂


    • That is actually an extremely magnified cropped portion of a picture. I can’t stand spiders myself – though I loved the book Charlotte’s Web. I wouldn’t have been close enough to take that picture without magnifying it.


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