Saturday Slideshow: Fresh Food

My younger son has laughed at me because I’ve taken so many pictures of random things, particularly foods, over the past couple of weeks. “Why do you want a picture of that? It’s just a tomato!”

I told him it was because I’m keeping track of all the things for which I am grateful. So, I thought I would share some more pictures this week. Some are foods still growing, and some are things we have prepared lately. I hope you enjoy.

 You can’t live around here without eating some crawfish every now and then.  
Those pineapple spears were AMAZING! After we took the crawfish and vegetables out, we used the broth to boil some peanuts – so good!  I have got to hand it to my husband -he is one of the best cooks around and he outdid himself on this day.

In the garden: 

My cilantro is blooming. I’ve never kept any alive long enough for that to happen before so I’m not sure what to expect next.

   Also a first for us – strawberries without bugs or birds getting to them first.


  Tomatoes- red and green.

   Oops! These weren’t supposed to be planted until the fall. The roots are growing well, but summer bugs have taken out my turnip greens so far. 
  Green onions and mint grow pretty well in containers and add lots of flavor to everyday foods.

  Eggplant from a friend’s garden.  
  Sweet Vidalia onions. An Asian recipe I had said to place onion slices in ice water for thirty minutes before placing in soup or on salad – it brings out the sweetness and crisps them up too.  
  Our meal with eggplant, cucumber, green onions, strawberries, and banana peppers from our garden and neighbors’ gardens. 
I crushed some mint leaves and added them to water and gave it a splash of lime on top. Very refreshing on these hot southern days.

Here’s a special treat – my Granny Hunt’s Eggplant Casserole recipe:  

 Add the soup in when you add the eggplant.  You can tell this is a well loved recipe – handed down with all the grease spots and all.  I would have included a picture, but we ate it all before I even thought about it. 
Have a great 4th of July weekend and I’ll see you on Monday.

6 thoughts on “Saturday Slideshow: Fresh Food

  1. Seriously am so jealous that you are having all that except the crawfish without me. I love veges… all of them I don’t have one I dislike. And my greatest weakness strawberries…especially when I top it up to my ice cream and eat it chilled πŸ™‚ it brightens my dull moments πŸ™‚ Am so growing them on my farm when I relocate… and you will be the first to know cos am gonna make sure you see it on my post πŸ™‚ A great post.. keep doing it πŸ™‚

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  2. Okay, now I’m feeling a little hungry after seeing those fab pix you posted! I just replanted my cilantro (which is a new love) as the first one grew so fast it went to seed. I just picked my first ripe tomato this afternoon, and the cukes are coming in big! A novice here, though, but still fun and yes, very thankful for it all!!!

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