Saturday Slideshow: What I’m Learning

This is the first summer in more than a decade that I haven’t been reconfiguring lesson plans for a new school year. Even last year, when I knew I was not going back, I still did so much packing and reorganizing of my teacher “stuff” that I didn’t have much summer in my summer. 

So this year I’ve enjoyed being able to look at things through slightly different eyes. 

So what have I learned this summer? First, I have learned so much from the Bloggong 101 class and am grateful to have found a rhythm to writing (even though I’m still working out the kinks) that I have never had before.

Second, I’m learning about my garden, as you have seen on other Saturday Slideshows. 

Third, I am learning how to put up those wonderful things that come out of my garden and those of my friends and neighbors.   So here are a few pictures of that process. 


Here are some cans waiting to be processed in my canner. I can use it for the boiling method or the pressurized method – which I’m still a bit scared of because of all the old TV shows I’ve seen where the thing blows up. Luckily it seems fairly easy if you follow the instructions.

 Bread and Butter Pickles


Corn – obviously. This one required the pressurized method and lead to some interesting bubbling sounds as things went through the final cooling (see bubbles below)

What I have says that’s normal, but if anyone knows differently, please say so now.

Best tool ever – so much easier to take super hot cans out of the water with these than with regular kitchen tongs!

Next, I’m not really as afraid of spiders as I thought (tarantulas not included – they are too much) as long as they are on the other side of a camera lens.

(I’m also learning to take pictures of the same things from a variety of angles. )

Here is another example of the angles lesson – you may recognize this little fellow from Friday’s post.

And finally, I learned that I wouldn’t die trying to walk a 5K.  My daughter ran it, coming in third overall and first in her age group. My mother, whose legs are several inches longer than mine, made me quick step to keep up. Shh. . . Don’t tell her how hard I was really having to try – she’s in much better shape than I am cardiovascularly speaking. Thanks to my sister’s company for sponsoring the run as a Relay for Life event.  

Three generations of feet ready to run (umm walk fast) in support of cancer research. 

Which reminds me, I learn more everyday how awesome my grandfather is. He is brave in the face of chemotherapy and petscans and long drives to the doctor and sleepless nights because of all the medication. Yet he finds time to belly laugh when I tell him about the craziness of my day and to encourage me and my husband. And best of all, he loves my grandmother like crazy. I am so blessed to have them both still in my life. He said to me yesterday, that he still feels like he is in his twenties, it’s just his body that complains when he tries to act like it. As my daughter would say:

Much love for that man – much love. 

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