Tidal Wave Tuesday

To be honest, I haven’t known just what to write the last couple of days. The image from my dream keeps coming back to me. I’m standing on a shore watching a massive wave of newness and change as it rushes headlong toward me. I am not sure if I am going to need to dive straight into the waters or if I’m going to stand there with arms outstretched as it plows into me. If I stand there, I imagine the impact of it, but then a huge relief as it washes over me and I hold my breath until I find myself floating, blissfully riding the currents upward. 

I seem to find others encouraging me to start flailing my arms right now though – as if that would prepare me for it better. 

I’m not sure which is the right approach, but either way – the wave is coming and there is nothing I can do to stop it. 

In some ways I long for its coming. Perhaps it will wash away things that don’t need to be here – back down to the foundations even. In that I almost find freedom, but from what? An expectation or a misunderstanding? 

Am I wishing for something to bring change for me because I can’t find a way to bring it to myself?

How long will change really last? When the water recedes will things just go back to being like they were, or will there be lasting change?

I think of Peter walking on the waves with Jesus. Will I be able to maintain my focus on Him and keep walking, or will I falter like Peter and need to be rescued? Either way – as long as Jesus is there, I’ll be alright. 

Of course He is always here – we just don’t always pay attention. 

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