Thoughtful Thursday

Today has found me ready to return to a pattern more normal than many I have found myself falling into this summer. 

I thought, yesterday, that I had found a neighbor’s missing cat hiding under my maple tree. It did look very much like the missing boy, but when we looked closer, we discovered kittens cuddled up to a look-a-like female. At first I thought she was grey, but after watching her from a distance she was comfortable with, I noticed that she has almost a double coat. The longer fur is grey, but as she moves you can see a definite yellow coat underneath. Since she has white patches on her face and feet I guess the she is actually a Calico.

As far as I can see under the bush where she has them hidden, there are three kittens: a marmalade, a tuxedo, and a grey tabby.  

It is so hot that I took pity on her and gave her some water and a little dog food – it’s what I had. 

I wish I could get close enough to get a picture, but I’m trying to give her some space. (Because she hisses at me when I get anywhere near close enough.) 

Between stealing peeks at kittens and calls from people I haven’t heard from in a while, I got a text from my mother about a PR snaffu where my Dad works that everyone but the PR department and the president seem to  be completely embarrassed by. I have a little experience with PR and my sister is a certified expert at the stuff and we know we would have been in serious trouble over such things.  So I was truly annoyed for my dad and ready to call his boss and chew him out or at least demand that he fire the so called PR person. But I didn’t. I would only have embarrassed my dad more by doing something so brash. 

PR is best handled with an eye on a yearly calendar – not a daily one. And perhaps that’s why my own timing feels off today. I used to plan a year ahead, adjusting if necessary, but this past year has found me slipping more and more into an hourly outlook – not even daily or weekly. 

The problem I have is that nothing really has to go in order. I’m a very sequential person, but my life is more random with every passing day. 

I am praying for something to change – even if it is my own heart. Because I truly need to find the motivation to do more of the things that need to be done around here. I need to find a way to sequence things so that I am not randomly wandering between three or four tasks instead of actually making progress on something. 

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens:”  Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3:1‬ ‭NIV‬

The rest of this chapter poetically names all the things there are time for – and there really isn’t much that doesn’t fall into what it says. I think I will be taking a few days to study it and maybe my heart will begin to find its way through time again. 


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