Saturday Slideshow:  A Walk Around My Yard

Earlier today I reflected on my husband’s request to send “visuals” often. He is a very visual person and doesn’t get the same satisfaction from texting or emailing that I enjoy. I have been trying to send him (ugh, must I even say it?) selfies each day. 

As I get older, I am realizing that with each picture I am watching my cheeks turn into my grandfather’s jowls and my nose turn into my grandmother’s beak. Granted those two were some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever known – physically and spiritually – but feature by feature all of us look a little goofy.

I sent some pictures of the yard to him today because the landscape where he is is much more monochromatic than ours at home.  I figured if he likes seeing my aging self, that he might enjoy some landscape too.  

I haven’t done a Slideshow here for a while and thought it could be a good reminder for myself to take time for the things that rejuvenate me like pictures rejuvenate my husband. 

 The last of the cannas.   

Tucker doesn’t like okra (at least he wishes I didn’t take so long to pick it).

KitKat in the green onions.

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