Saying maybe to Na NOOOO WriMo!!!!

I love the idea of inspiring writers and NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program is a great club-type activity for middle schoolers. 

I’ve sponsored it before and had half of my students reach their goals – which, honestly, was more than I expected. I was given permission to see if there was any interest at my new school and had 20+ students sign up. 

I’m excited, but concerned. Will they really commit? 

I’ve never tried to write my own book during November since it contains three birthdays and Thanksgiving and Christmas planning and shopping. And this year includes hosting my neice’s baby shower.

And anyone who follows me knows that my writing has slowed down considerably  since school started. 

AND I have no clue what my novel would even be about.

So there are all my excuses. 

But – I still have the nagging feeling that writing with them would set a visible example.

Maybe I can write more here while they write novels?

Decisions, decisions.