Where’s Your Joy?

This week has been a joy for me. My husband is back home, and (miracle that it is) all four schools had spring break the same week, so all five of us have been home together. 

Today is the last day, though. I made breakfast and got everyone to come eat before it was cold. My husband looked at my sleepy daughter and asked, “where’s your joy?”  Sleepy as she was, she didn’t miss a beat and replied, “in the bed.” So he told her she needed to go get it – meaning she should perk up. She ate her last bite and announced that she would go get it – and promptly crawled back under the covers in her room. 

It’s her last chance to sleep before the push toward research projects, living history performances, and ACT studies take over her life again. I see her sleeping and just smile. I may miss a moment or two of her silliness, but I’m glad to see her sleeping. I know that sleep is rare in her world.

The boys linger at the table listening to my husband’s favorite gospel songs and talking trucks – new colors, engine power, grills, EPA regulations, etc. They could sit there all day. I enjoy listening to them even though I have no clue what they are really saying. 

And without the pressures of school, I’ve been able to rejoin the blogosphere. I have missed so many of you and you just can’t know how my heart has found peace reading about the exploits of my fellow bloggers this week. Anne, Iva, Peggy, Gabriel, Dawn, Lillian, and Joanna – just to name a few – your words and pictures are so wonderful to me!  Thank you for helping me find joy in my day to day once more. I may never meet any of you this side of heaven, but as my husband’s music is reminding me, there’s a great glad morning coming one day and I’m sure that there’s a special place in heaven for all those who have the gift of encouragement that I have found in each of you. 

Be blessed this week as we look forward to Resurrection Day!

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