Hold on!

All those great poems my students were writing over the extra-long, weather-extended spring break – now must be graded double-quick!  They got more time to procrastinate and turn in mushy stuff, yet I’m now held to stringent deadlines for term reporting! Ah, the (ahem) joys of teaching!

My boys gave up and went to bed, my husband’s soft snores punctuate the poetry – often much better than the punctuation that already exists in it, and I – I would like to rebel. Yet, I’m the one who made it due the day before break – the day that never came because of flooded and washed-out roads. An act of God? Maybe – sent just to remind me to space things out for myself. 

And my best students are out on the Jr. Beta Convention – how is it that we grade what cannot be turned in? 

But good is out there- I got my car back today- after a fender bender relegated me to a smoky rental car that I’m sure was the majority of the cause of my January malaise. My car is back home – safe in the garage and it actually smells nice.

My dream job does exist – it just exists about a 12 to 15 hour drive away. It could exist ten minutes from here, but the local university still cannot seem to find the value of opening the position for a full directorship. So – I’m holding on to hopes and holding on to sanity and holding on to the dreams that were rekindled when I slowed down last week to look at them again. 

Not certain of a path, but assured that God is still in control, and that he holds my future – and He is truly all I need to hold on to.

For all of you who are holding on too, know that He is exceedingly and abundantly providing for your future – even if it’s difficult to see right now. We are going to make it!


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