The Beginning of Something New

For many years I have heard my husband share his belief that the next great spiritual awakening will arise in our young people.  To be honest, I smiled and went about my day without giving it much thought.  Our children were young – there was plenty of time to teach them – it would be so very long until his prediction could even begin to be observed.

But now . . . I’m soon to be a mother-of-the-groom, two of my children are in college, and my baby, who is still in high-school, has recently begun to experience the Lord in amazing ways and has stated that he is ready to begin to honor a call on his life to be a preacher.  Both of my boys have young women in their lives who are very vocal about their love for Jesus and about the call in their own lives to share the gospel.

I am seeing my husband’s prediction come true every day as my children experience the many ways that God is shaping and directing their paths.  Now more than ever, I am beginning to feel the responsibility for sharing the love of Jesus with these young people and for shaping their concepts of His love.  I now have five children – not just three, because as long as these young ladies are in my sons’ lives, they are mine also.  I have a daughter between my boys and so I’ve always had the opportunity to share my experiences as a woman, but the entrance of these two extra, “instant” daughters into my life has suddenly brought this responsibility into focus in ways I never expected.

My natural daughter has been able to ask questions and to continue conversations over time, so I haven’t felt the urgency that perhaps I should have felt over the years.  Now that she has two “instant” sisters, who have their own concepts regarding the gospel and their own questions about the doctrines our family has long held, I feel the urgency.  All these years I thought about raising my daughter for her own gifts and abilities to be shown.  While I occasionally have prayed for the young man she will one day meet and marry, I have seldom thought about her preparation to be suitable for him.  I have thought most about what I wanted him to bring to her.  But for my boys I thought about what they would offer their wives.

This new stage in my life is showing me the error of my ways and it is making me think about what I can offer these young ladies so that they understand the needs my sons may have.  So that together all of us may have a strong family with clear ideals and solid beliefs that will shape not only our lives, but the lives of those we encounter every day.

Lord, I ask that you help us all to see the opportunities to share your love with all of those around us and to provide support for those we love.  Thank you so much for the many gifts you have bestowed upon our family. We love you and honor you. May you be seen in all we do.


One thought on “The Beginning of Something New

  1. Thank you for this post. It got me thinking…I have 4 sons and have always prayed for the young woman my boys would meet and marry. It was always with the intent that it would be the Lord’s choice for them. One is married, two are engaged and one is still single. I am now going to be more specific in my prayers for that future wife that she would be prepared to be suitable to him.

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