It’s been a while.

I haven’t written in some time.  I’ve written some things for myself that are invisible to others (at least I hope those settings worked properly). I know I should be writing, but I can’t settle on what to write about.

Things either seem trivial and of such little consequence that I’m not sure it’s worth the time.  Or they seem like overblown academia – which is what I should be writing for my job – and I just can’t see the point sometimes in blowing things so out of proportion that they are only relevant to blowhards and pompous people.

I used to feel passionate about what I was writing. Even the pompous academia.  I’m still passionate about providing the end result of good educational practice for families and children – I just seem to feel completely unpassionate trying to write about it.

I feel my passion in directing the summer programs I am now responsible for – newsflash – dream job achieved! Well, in an interim/visiting kind of way.  Perhaps that passion will be evident to others and the visiting will become permanent and the interim can be dropped. But probably not without some of that writing.

So – I’m really here to get back into the habit of writing consistently – whatever it is – so that it’s easier to write.




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