Fred Rogers looked so much like my Granddaddy – they could have been brothers; so watching this show was always like spending time with Granddaddy too. I really needed this today. To simply be reminded that people can like me just the way I am.

I wish more people had grown up with Mr. Rogers – because some people that are the right age – didn’t get to; and because people who aren’t the right age – are surely missing out on the completely unconditional love that was offered.

My worth comes from the fact that God made me – nothing more.  God trusts me to live out what he puts in my heart and shows mercy when I fail and grace when I don’t measure up.

Not my job.

Not my kids.

Not my church.

Not even my husband.

Just God.

He is the only one with authority to tell me whether I’m deserving of love or not.  And He says I am.

Thank you, Fred Rogers, for extending His love to generations of children.  You always seem to show up at the right moments.

Matthew 22: 39

The second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.