November Walk Around My Yard

While some states have already experienced frost or even snow, here in the deep south, fall takes a little longer to arrive. And even then we typically progress from humid swelter to frozen sog with little in between.

This year has been a bit different and I’ve truly enjoyed the difference- we’ve actually had slightly dropping temperatures that have made it lovely to be outside. Bright cool days perfect for small backyard fires and lunches on the back porch. (Contrary to what some may believe it’s usually just too hot in the summer to enjoy the back porch at all.)

We’ve been busy with school activities, conferences, and open houses and such, and I’m thankful to have a restful weekend to mosey around the yard enjoying its fall offerings. While I’ve got some pruning that never quite got finished, some of my heat-withered plants have decided to give it another try and I just didn’t have the heart to tell them no.

Hope you enjoy these never-give-up flowers as much as I have today.

If anyone is a tweeter, you can find me at Serendipity Sings. I usually share the songs I wake up singing each day.


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