There are times in your life when you just need to take the time to regroup, to listen to your heart, to rediscover the people you love, and to breathe.  This is one of those times for me.

The one thing I am confident that I am able to do – is write.  There are other things, certainly, that I love to do, think I’m fairly able to do, or enjoy but know I’m a far cry from proficient in doing.  Being good at something doesn’t make it your job – and it doesn’t mean that you are consistent with it – I’m not a consistent writer, but I would like to be more so.

As the title of the blog implies – I’m taking a break from something. But it isn’t official – and whether I return to it, is still undecided. Therefore – the UNsabbatical – the Serendipitous Sabbatical – unexpected, yet refreshing, and certainly beneficial.

I will post my musings, things I’m wondering about, discoveries I’ve made – or then again, maybe I’ll forget to write them down and not post them at all.  This is, after all, a record for me – not necessarily intended to be read by anyone else – just one place – a repository, so to speak, of my thoughts – rather than the random found sheet of paper or piece of napkin that will inevitably find itself to be lost at the bottom of a purse, drawer, under the car seat, or floating across some sports field after one of my children’s games.

So, if I am writing to myself I say, “Self, remember to write.  Remember to reflect.  Remember your password.”   And, if on the odd occasion, I find myself in the odd state of having someone else reading this – to whomever you maybe, “Be gentle – I am only trying to figure out this part of my life and I hope you see something in it that you can use, smile at, or forget.”


NOTE:  I have changed the name of the blog, and its address from “the unsabbatical” to “the serendipitous sabbatical” for two reasons – 1. the new name is much more descriptive of how I feel about this time in my life, and 2. it has come to my attention that (as I had forgotten) sabbatical not only refers to time off from a job – it also refers to the religious or theological year – and adding un- could (to those not familiar with me) somehow imply that I am against God – which I am not.  Applying that meaning of the old name is definitely NOT my intent here. So – I sincerely apologize if I improperly implied any misconceptions about my love for God and hope that forgiveness can be extended as you (if there are any yous) enjoy my musings under the new title.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting. I love the part about taking time to re-engage. Boy, does that ring my bell! I hope you will share specific stradegies on how you are doing this, I can also use applications to where I’m at right now. I appreciate your courage! Following….!


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