Famous Last Words

Every now and then – okay way more often than I should – I follow a rabbit trail.  Not literally – but figuratively following a link to a picture or a recipe or a quote that was somehow loosely connected to whatever it was I was originally trying to accomplish.

Today’s rabbit trail came in the form of an image of Lucille Ball attached to a caption about last words of actors and actresses. Now, I’m not usually interested in actresses or death but Lucille Ball, as a fellow red-head, has sort of a strange attraction for my imagination.  Funny thing was – her last words were not what captured my attention.  The person whose last words inspired this post was Charlie Chaplin.

According to Chris Raymond, writer for about.com (where the rabbit trail lead), indicates that Chaplin’s last words were spoken in response to a priest (presumably performing last rights?) who said, “May God have mercy on your soul.”  Chaplin’s response was, “Why not? It belongs to Him.”

How many actors or actresses today would respond with such a confident statement? How many politicians?  How many of any of us?

One of the signs of the last days, or end times, will be people’s inability to discern (distinguish between) right and wrong – even in the smallest decisions.  This lack of certainty brings, by definition, confusion and leads to a wandering of the mind, will, and emotions, collectively known as the soul.

With what certainty can we say today, “My soul belongs to God. I am confident of my decision to follow Jesus.  I have been called out of the wilderness of confusion and into the certainty of my inheritance – my adoption into the family of Christ, my brother”?

Do you have today the peace that comes from the confidence of salvation?

It is my sincere prayer that you do, but if you do not – if you find yourself wandering in the soul-ish dessert – hear the cry of one calling out – “Make straight the pathway”.

Isaiah 40: 1-11