Serial Cereal

So, while I know our fearless leaders in blogging101 said that our current assignment of creating a regular feature didn’t have to alliterate – the English teacher in me won’t let that thought go. I have toyed with the idea of having a schedule for the blog that might operate on some kind of monthly schedule – like first Mondays would be Motivation Mondays, and 2nd Tuesdays could be Tough Question Tuesdays, etc.  But I keep coming up with so many of them (I currently have five Th- words that could preface a Thursday post) that I know I wouldn’t keep up with it because it would limit me to only following this ridiculously long list of alliterated days.

My former students would tell you that I’m great at routines – each Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday meant a particular type of assignment. Mondays = reflect on a quote. Tuesdays = free write. Wednesdays = thoughts about a reading assignment. Etc.  While the topics changed, they only had to know what day it was to know what they were supposed to do with the topic – it kept things flowing nicely.

So why am I stuck when I’m the student? *Drops head in mock shame.*

In my head I am re-reading a book that my children wanted me to read so often that now, 17 years later, I can still quote it: “Ant. Ants. Angry Ants.  Angry Ants Advance.” (The Berenstain Bears: The A Book by Stan and Jan Berenstain) I would go on, but I think I would likely run into some sort of copy-write conundrum – oh boy – I can’t quit.

The other thing running through my head is a song from my not-so-saintly past – Friday I’m in Love, by The Cure.  It gives multiple lists of things that represent each day. So while I ponder the possibilities for posting periodicals, enjoy the song and perhaps tomorrow I’ll give you a Saturday Slideshow of all the random pictures I’ve taken of my garden this week.

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