Saturday Surprises

I came out to check on the kittens that have taken up residence in our bushes to find that some of them are not there. I may have caught the mama in the middle of moving them. 

I hope not. They are so sweet.

As my sons and I were sitting here enjoying the breeze and the kittens, we began to hear the sounds of a mariachi band floating through the neighborhood – not a normal occurrence here- and wondered at it until we also heard the sounds of a construction crew starting up. My elder son sometimes does yard work for a different local construction company and said their crews do the same thing. We laughed. 

About that time, this beauty showed up to show off.  

 My younger son took this picture. 
The butterfly headed over to peak under the bushes where the kittens were hiding. I couldn’t get the best picture of that, but I thought the green leaves highlighted the colors on his wings. 

Anyway, the morning has shared some beauty with us and I thought it would be nice to share too.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Surprises

  1. Kittens! Aren’t they just amazing. I hope that you get to watch them grow up. A playful moment whenever you need one!

    Butterfly is beautiful. Not many in my neighborhood. Lots of pesticide use. But once out into the Forest Service Trails they are still plentiful. Thank you for the lovely reminder to go take a hike.


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